September 16, 2020 karynross

You are NOT your JOB!

I’ve written about this topic before and I’m writing about it again because over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to so many people who feel badly about who they are as a person because of something happening at work. So, if you are feeling badly about yourself because you’ve lost your job, worry that you are in danger of losing it, or because of how you are being treated, please stop. And say to yourself: I AM NOT MY JOB. A job, no matter what it is, is something you do. It’s isn’t YOU. You are a whole person with an entire life filled with people you help and who care about you and love you. You are a person with passions, interests and ideas whose contributions improve the life of your family, community and the world. Even if those contributions seem small to you, they are huge to others. You are so much more than your job. There are many jobs in the world, but there is only one YOU! So, here’s what I’d like you to do. if you are feeling badly about yourself because of your job, take a sticky note or piece of paper, write I’M NOT MY JOB and post it where you can easily see it. As a reminder to yourself and all those around you that no matter how you feel about it, a job is just a job, and you, as the fabulous whole person you are, are so much more!

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