September 18, 2020 karynross

You are NOT your Bank Account!

Yesterday a friend posted a great comment about changing her thinking about why she was not her bank account – that who she was – and her ‘worth’ – weren’t determined by money, on my post about why you are not your job! I’ve been thinking about this for a while due to a conversation I had with someone about course pricing: “If you price your course too low, people won’t be interested because they think won’t think it will be ‘valuable’. More expensive things are perceived to be better.” For me, this goes right along with Dorsey’s comment: that the perception of ‘more money means more valuable’. You may think the more money you have, or charge, the more valuable you are. But that’s not the case. Because people are never dollars. And what you can truly contribute can’t – and doesn’t need to be – measured in money. As a whole person you contribute kindness and caring, love and ideas. You offer empathy, compassion, comfort and creative solutions to problems at home and in the world. And it doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account to contribute those things. Everyone can do an act of kindness, everyone can lend a hand. Your true value as a person isn’t measured in dollars, but in humanity.

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