December 24, 2017 karynross

Wishing you joy, now and forever!

What gives you joy? For me, it’s creating! Writing, drawing, and finding new ways to fulfill my purpose of Helping People Improve the World!

Do you know what gives you joy?

Seems simple – something we should all know intuitively – the answer should just roll off our tongue! But in reality, that doesn’t always happen!

So here’s my suggestion: Today, whatever you’re doing at this busy time of year, look and listen carefully! Pay close attention to what gives you joy! When you feel that feeling, stop! Write it down! Make a list and then you can figure out how to add that to all the other things you do!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever holiday you celebrate, I wish you joy now and forever!


(And if you look carefully, you can see it is snowing!!!)

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