March 29, 2019 karynross

What’s the One Question You Ask Yourself at the End of Each Day?

The other day I was chatting with my friend and client Petrina McGrath, from Saskatchewan Health Authority, about the importance of reflection in connecting purpose and actions – both organizationally and personally. Petrina told me that she was thinking of asking each of the people on her team, and the people she is coaching, to create – and then ask themselves – one question at the end of each day, that would help them reflect on whether their actions that day had helped them achieve their purpose. I love this idea, and, in fact, it’s something I do already! At KRC, my mission is to “Help People Improve the World.” That means, each and every day, I need to actively be looking for people to help…and then actually helping them! To make sure I maintain focus on my purpose, the question I ask myself, at the end of each day, is simple: “How many people did I help today?” It’s easy to get sidetracked with all the things there are to do each day. This one question (and knowing I’m going to ask it to myself at the end of each day) helps me remember why I started KRC – and why I do what I do in the way that I do it each day. So, now you know what my “one question” is….what is yours?

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