April 24, 2018 karynross

What are you creating?

Good morning! “What are you creating?” That’s the question that I ask myself every morning, so today, I’m asking you “What are you creating?” Some of you may think, “I’m not an artist, a writer, a musician…I enter orders…I’m a nurse…I’m an engineer…I’m working, I’m not creating!” Thing is, as human beings, we’re all creating, each and every day, whoever we are, whatever role we have, whatever job we do. We’re creating the culture of our organization, our work and family environment, our community (and more!). With every choice we make, with every answer we give someone (think about the difference we create when we say “Yes. I can take some time to help you” instead of “Well, that’s not my problem”) we create the world that we live in, now and for the future.

Because many people don’t even recognize that they’re creating, they’re often not very deliberate (thinking carefully and deeply about ‘what should be happening’, for our customers, our organizations, our families, our communities and the world) about what they’re creating and how they’re creating it! That means that oftentimes we leave things to chance. But there’s too much at stake in our world, too many problems to solve, too many ways to make things better, to leave what we’re creating to chance!

So, please remember! As a human being you (yes you!) are innately creative and constantly creating! So please create deliberately!

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