January 19, 2018 karynross

Time to Be Creative!

Are you giving yourself time to be creative? I’m asking because yesterday, in The Art of Being Creative workshop I facilitated at the IAPD/IPRA Conference, the topic of time to be creative – or, more accurately, ‘lack of time’ to be creative – came up over and over again. Whether it was pressure at work to get as many things done as quickly as possible, or the need to juggle multiple responsibilities at home, people simply felt that they didn’t have time to devote to practicing creativity. And that’s a shame. First of all, because, like anything else, the more time we spend practicing creativity, the better we become at being creative! Second, when we dedicate time to being creative, we’re more likely to come up with creative ideas and solutions. And finally, because, when it comes right down to is, spending time being creative is fun! Creatively solving a work or home problem, sewing a dress, playing guitar or just sitting outside sketching are fun, enjoyable and rejuvenating for us as human beings. So, this weekend, have some fun, and spend some time simply being creative!

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