August 18, 2020 karynross

The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Leading with Kindness

An exciting news today! I’ve just signed a contract for a new book and I’m writing again! The topic: Kind Leadership! Why? Because although ‘Kindness’ and ‘Leadership’ aren’t always synonymous, they need to be! Because leaders lead. And the way a leader leads – how they do what they do – influences those they lead. Today, in our increasingly fragmented, polarized and divided world, we need leaders who will bring people together, who value cooperation and collaboration, and who model ways to think kindly, speak kindly and act kindly to all. We simply need kindness to become synonymous with good leadership.

I’ll be starting a weekly newsletter called The Kind Leader where you can subscribe to receive practice tips on leading with kindness. All you need to do to receive your copy is to subscribe to my website and you’ll automatically get the newsletter!

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