July 26, 2019 karynross

Resistance is…HUMAN!

Resistance is one of the most common topics I’m asked about in coaching. And people are often surprised when I say resistance doesn’t bother me. Why? Because resistance is simply part of human nature…and as coaches, since we are coaching people…human beings…we should expect it! Since I expect some kind of resistance at the beginning of asking people to work and think in new ways, I’m not surprised or disappointed when it happens. And I don’t take it personally. I know that part of human nature is to balk and dig our heels in when someone asks – or tells – us to do things differently. So what do I do when people are resistant? It depends. Sometimes I stay with them and lend them courage as they try the new way…sometimes I just give them time and space to process the request…and, sometimes I ask for leadership help. Whatever the choice, though, I always remember, the person I’m coaching is a valued and valuable human being…and that resistance is simply….HUMAN! What do you do when you encounter resistance? I’d love to know!

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