Join me and Doug Dvorak, CSP, President, Dvorak Marketing Group for a morning focused on improving your creativity! For more information on the conference, click here!
In a world that’s fast-changing, innovators and problem solvers rise to the top. How good are you at coming up with bright ideas? More importantly, how do you get better at it? This workshop will help you to become a more creative person and will show you how to put yourself in a creative mode anytime, anyplace. You will learn how to expand and refine your creative ideas. You will no longer haphazardly search for creative solutions or become frustrated when your random methods don’t yield results.
This workshop will also help participants improve the capability for innovation through examining known pitfalls and problems, while developing tools for maximizing the creative potential for both themselves and their colleagues.
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will: 1) understand the nature of creativity and learn
techniques for managing and enhancing the creative process;
2) assess the levels of creativity and innovation for yourself and your organization;
3) learn how to avoid personal and organizational factors inhibiting creativity

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