I had the great honor of being the first Gemba Academy Podcast of 2019! Thanks so much to my friend Ron Pereira for such a great interview! We talked about:

  • Karyn’s background (3:33)
  • One of Karyn’s favorite quotes (4:36)
  • About Karyn’s new book (6:47)
  • Why Karyn wrote it (7:44)
  • The role and importance of creativity (10:05)
  • Learning to be more creative (16:46)
  • Working with others (19:55)
  • Coaching in the services industry (23:02)
  • What deliberate practice means to Karyn (25:48)
  • Why kindness is so important to Karyn (28:46)
  • Karyn’s final words of wisdom (33:36)

Click here to listen!

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