Excited to announce my new book! Written and designed to help you improve your own ‘active reflection process’!


How much time each day do you spend ‘actively reflecting’? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably no time at all. And that’s a problem, because in this fast-paced world, where change is constant, if you don’t create time to slow down and ‘actively reflect’ on what is happening and why, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and as if you just can’t catch your breath. In this book you’ll learn the simple process I use to practice ‘active reflection’ on a daily basis. Then, through reading more than one hundred of my reflections, and by writing yours, you’ll develop, and deepen your own personal ‘active reflection’ practice. And the best time to get started? Right now! That’s why I created this ‘active reflection journal’. To help you enjoy all the clarity, creativity and calm that having your own ‘active reflection’ practice will bring!

Order your copy by clicking here!

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