Want to spend two days focusing on lean and people? Then the Lean HR and People Development Summit is for you!

With three conferences in one, you’ll find great sessions on Lean in HR, Management and Accounting.

I’ll be presenting a breakout session on:

Learning Hasn’t Occurred Until Behavior Has Changed: Coach to Change Behavior First! 

Putting lean principles into practice requires that people do things differently. Just ‘thinking’ about changing isn’t enough. Unfortunately, however, many organizations focus on changing people’s mindsets first, in the hope that this will result in the desired behavior changes. In this session, participants will:

  1. Learn why using strategies such as long, up-front training classes to change learner’s mindsets first, so often fails to change behavior. As well, they’ll learn why coaching for immediate behavior change in short, frequent coaching sessions using Karyn’s Challenge & Nurture Approach, does!! (20 minutes)
  2. Practice the specifics of Karyn’s “Challenge & Nurture” Approach using the Perfect Pets Practice Activity. (40 minutes)
  3. Have the opportunity to share real-life coaching problems and further ‘practice’ Karyn’s “Challenge and Nurture Coaching Approach”. (20 minutes)
  4. Create a written ‘Next Steps’ Action Plan of what the first steps they will take to put their learning into practice as soon as they get back to work. (10 minutes)

Please note:

Before the session, all participants will be asked to submit an email with their coaching challenges, as well as three questions they would like to have answered. Karyn will use this information to tailor her session to best meet participant needs.

As well, all participants will be invited to attend an online follow-up-session two weeks after the Summit, so that they can share the outcomes of their Next Steps and receive help and support to move forward if needed.

For more information, and to register, click here!

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