Learn & practice simple Lean approaches & techniques that you can immediately apply at work & home in to manage through today’s challenges.

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K2C2 Intensive: Creative Approaches to Coaching and Problem-Solving in Our New Reality

Are you and your organization looking for a different way to learn and practice Lean in these unprecedented times? Are you trying to balance working from home and managing your home-life (including homeschooling children and taking care of your house-bound family)? Would being part of a supportive community help you feel more connected while self-isolating?

Join Katie and Karyn for a one-hour a day, over five consecutive days, K2C2 “Katie and Karyn’s Coaching Communities” Intensive in which you will learn and practice simple Lean approaches and techniques that you can immediately apply at work and home to manage through today’s challenges. Following the one-week Intensive, we will host weekly follow-up check-in coaching calls for three weeks.

No fancy tools are needed. All you need is a computer, Wi-Fi, and a pencil and a notebook.

Flexible and connected learning sessions. We’ll be offering two sessions each day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Join the session that works for you that day, and if you can’t make a session, don’t worry! Just watch one of the recordings when you are able.

Kids are welcome! If you have kids at home with you, we will have a creativity activity for kids to work on during each session so that they can work right alongside you…and improve their creativity, all at the same time. And, of course, it’s fine to step away from the session at any point to manage home situations!

Right-sized pricing – Pay what you can. K2C2 is founded on the concept of “right-sized pricing”. If your company or you are unable to pay the suggested registration fee, we still would love for you to join our community. Please reach out to Karyn or Katie to discuss a rate that you can afford. We have never turned away anyone from K2C2! We are serious – do not let ability to pay be a barrier to joining our community and being part of the K2C2 Intensive.

Suggested pricing is $600.00 USD for the Intensive, but please just pay what you can!

In the K2C2 Intensive you will:

● Connect with people around the world to develop a supportive community

● Discover practices to help you – and others – solve problems quickly

● Use quick PDCA cycles to speed up learning

● Practice simple and powerful coaching techniques to help you help others

● Focus on what we can do in times when we are experience lots of “I can’ts”


Toyota had an opportunity during another global tough time – and they used it to create a new way of working – which we know as “Lean”. The Toyota Way, and Toyota Production system began during – and as a response to – tough times in Japan after World War II. Although Lean is often thought of as a system to solve already-known problems, it’s really a system to help us create new and better ways to work and new and better products and as a way to ‘revitalize’ the human spirit, communities, and organizations.

We can learn from the past, but create for the future. This is our new reality. And the new practices you’ll we’re going to teach you in K2C2 are designed to help you learn, develop, and support each other in our new reality. This is what we can do. This is the new way. And we – Karyn and Katie – are here to help.

Over the course of the week-long intensive here’s what we will be covering:

Day 1

● Topics: Purpose, Intention, foundational precepts, and the different types of problems

● Output: Gain clarity on your purpose

Day 2

● Topic: The Problem Equation

● Output: Identify the problem you are going to work on for the rest of the K2C2 Intensive, understand the different types of problems we all face

Day 3

● Topic: Three elements of creativity, divergent thinking, moving from “I can’t” to “I can”

● Output: Identify some things that you “can do” in regard to your identified problem

Day 4:

● Topic: Coaching skills: including asking more effective questions, listening with openness, providing feedback and evidence of practice, balancing nurture and challenge, and how to use Karyn’s 15-minute coaching approach for optimal online sessions

● Output: Practice your coaching skills using the 15-minute virtual coaching approach

Day 5:

● Topic: Reflection (hansei), perseverance: “fall down and get up” – learning is most important, and how we go forward creatively & learn quickly

● Output: Reflect on your learnings and plan for your practice, start the practice of setting your daily intention and reflection for follow up in the coaching sessions.

For three weeks following the Intensive, we will host weekly coaching sessions on Thursdays at 9am PT / noon ET for ongoing practice, reflection, and community support.

Dates and times

Intensive dates: Monday April 6th – Friday April 10th at 8am-9am PDT / 11am-noon EDT OR 1-2pm PDT / 4-5pm EDT

Coaching follow-up sessions: Thursdays April 16th, 23th, & 30th 9am PDT/noon EDT


● Limited to 24 participants. 6 participants minimum needed to run the Intensive.

● We will use Zoom for our workshop sessions and group coaching calls. Sessions will be recorded and made available to participants to download after each session for you to download.

● You will be invited to two Zoom meetings per day during the 5-day Intensive. Join the session that works best for you that day.

● Videos will be recorded and available for you to download to watch later.

● We will set up a WhatsApp group for all K2C2 Intensive to share progress, ask questions, and develop community.

● At the conclusion of the K2C2 Intensive, you will be invited to the broader K2C2 LinkedIn group.

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