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K2C2 is a Community of Practice Created Just for YOU!

Katie Anderson & Karyn Ross offer connected, online communities to help you  practice, learn and grow — to become better coaches and leaders! We call these communities “K2C2” or “Katie & Karyn Coaching Communities”.

If you’re interested in being part a cooperative, collaborate learning community, where you can learn and practice the skills to a better coach in all aspects of your life (professional and personal), K2C2 is the place for you! There’s no application or selection process. Everyone is welcome. We practice “right-sized pricing” and accept anyone who is committed to learning and sharing – no matter your ability to pay (we are serious!!!).

K2C2 is an online Community of Practice where:

  • You will get real-world, practical advice and coaching from Katie and Karyn based on their experience coaching and teaching around the world!
  • You will actively share your experiences with other community members throughout each session
  • You will practice with intention between sessions (usually 10-15 minutes per day of purposeful reflection, actual practice happens as part of your regular life)

K2C2 isn’t a webinar series where:

  • Karyn and Katie are talking at you the entire session. While Katie and Karyn introduce new topics each week and facilitate the group’s discussion, this is a community of practice where all voices are heard.
  • All you can do is listen because your microphone is muted. Be prepared to have your video on and to engage and share actively each session.

Each fully interactive community coaching session will:

  • Help you develop better habits for setting intentions, reflecting, learning and coaching others
  • Provide you with actionable, useful practices to support real-world application and coaching success
  • Enable you to create real, human connections to foster collaboration, cooperation and community around the world.

Each K2C2 cohort session is fully interactive and full of discussion, reflection, questions, and practice.

We use Zoom for the weekly K2C2 coaching calls. Each session is recorded and posted in a Google Document summary of the session. We also set up a WhatsApp group for the cohort to exchange ideas, questions, and support in between coaching calls. Most cohorts continue to use and engage with their cohort via WhatsApp even after the official cohort has concluded.

Join the next K2C2 Coaching Community

The K2C2 Cohort #7 will be held Thursdays 9am PDT / 11am CDT / 12pm EDT/ 6pm European time for 1 hour each week on the following dates:

  • August 20
  • August 27
  • September 3
  • September 10
  • September 17
  • September 24

K2C2 Community Practices:

  • Each K2C2 cohort can have up to 12 members
  • Each series will consist of 6 weekly, one hour online meetings using Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and shared for participants to watch and download.
  • Community members will be given access to a Shared Google Drive to record Reflections and Intentions
  • Each cohort will have a dedicated WhatsApp group to collaborate and share.

Topics for discussion, learning, and practice include:

  • Session 1: Connecting purpose and intention
  • Session 2: Asking the right questions
  • Session 3: Becoming a better coach means becoming a better listener
  • Session 4: Why short, frequent coaching sessions are better
  • Session 5: How to see what people are thinking
  • Session 6: Improving your check-adjust process and shared reflections

Suggested pricing is $600.00 USD for the six week series.*

*Karyn and Katie practice “Right-Sized-Pricing. If $600.00 USD isn’t comfortable or affordable for you, please contact Karyn and/or Katie directly. No potential community member will be turned away based on inability to pay full price. We are serious!!!*

We can’t wait for you to be part of our next K2C2 community!

-Katie and Karyn!

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