Kata for Creativity and Service Excellence 2 Day Course – September 12 & 13, Ankeny, Iowa

Want to learn how to use coaching to create the services your customers want now and for the future? Then this workshop, sponsored by Iowa Lean Consortium is for you.


No customer wants to hear the words “I can’t”. Customers do business with a company because they expect them to be able to meet each of their service needs no matter how great or small. Unfortunately, many service interactions end with the service provider telling the customer that their request cannot be met. Take a walk in gemba in any service organization, and chances are what you will hear is service providers telling customers. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…”

Service excellence, however, means that we are able to satisfy each customer’s service request, no matter how impossible it seems. So it’s imperative that service providers learn how to move from “I can’t” to “Of course we can! Let’s figure out how.” And that’s where the coaching Kata and improvement Kata come in. Through the IK and CK, we can teach service providers how to create innovative service solutions that can meet each customer’s needs. Service providers will develop what I call the ‘creativity habit’.

In our two days together we’ll practice:


  • How to set a vision for service excellence based on deeply understanding customer needs and the organization’s long-term purpose and values
  • How to develop people’s creativity and critical thinking skills on an ongoing basis
  • How to use the Improvement and Coaching Kata to deliver the peak service experiences that all customers crave



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