Are you Listening?

Really Listening?

Listening to hear?

Listening to understand?

Listening to learn?

Listening to create better relationships and a better world?

Want to become a better listener? Then you’ll love this interactive and co-creative learning experience in which you’ll learn how to listen to others – and yourself – with open eyes, open ears, open mind and open heart!

Join Karyn Ross and Katie Anderson for a special K2C2 (Karyn and Katie’s Coaching Community) learning intensive on LISTENING.


We all know the saying “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” (Epictetus), yet most of us speak much more than we listen. And when we do listen, how well do we do it?

When we are listening to someone, are we really listening to what the other person is trying to tell us, or are we listening to our own internal thoughts…to what we simply want to hear…or what we are thinking about saying next?

And what about listening to ourselves? What is our own, internal voice – the voice of our heart – that helps us act and react in ways that align with our values and purpose? How well can we hear and listen to ourselves?

In these tough and extra-stressful times – where uncertainty is the new normal – the need to communicate clearly, kindly and compassionately abounds. We need to be able to hear and listen to the voices of our customers, our team members, our family, and our community. We need to be able do best understand how to help them. And, just as importantly, we need to be able to hear and listen to our own internal voice.

We need to know WHEN to listen to others and when to listen to ourselves, and HOW to listen – in caring, compassionate and appropriate ways – so that we can communicate honestly from the heart. Now, more than ever, learning how to be a better listener is critical – in the workplace, at home, and with ourselves.

We invite you to join us to spend time practicing listening with “open ears, open eyes, open mind and an open heart” so that you can hear what others are truly saying, and, as well, the voice of your heart.


The learning experience will take place over two weeks, including four 1-hour sessions facilitated by Karyn Ross and Katie Anderson, multiple practice sessions with a partner over the two weeks, and daily reflection.

Week 1 : June 22-26, 2020

  • Monday (6/22), Wednesday (6/24), Friday (6/25): One-hour interactive learning session facilitated by Karyn and Katie (“K2”) from 9am PDT / 11am CDT/ 6pm European time
  • Tuesday (6/23), Thursday (6/25): One-hour dedicated practice session with your learning pair at your own chosen time
  • Complete Listening Journal self-reflection on a daily basis (15 minutes daily)

Week 2 : June 29 – July 2nd

  • Complete Listening journal self-reflection on a daily basis (15 minutes daily)
  • Monday – Thursday: 30-minute check in with Practice Pair (at own chosen time)
  • Final reflection session with K2 – likely Thursday July 2nd 9am PDT / 11am CDT / 6pm European time (we will confirm time with participants based in the first session.


  • Facilitated learning sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Session invites will be sent out the Friday before the Intensive begins.
  • Sessions will be recorded for participants to view for up to a week after the session (we recognized sometimes you might have to miss a session).
  • We will create a dedicated WhatsApp chat group for participants to collaborate and share

Suggested pricing is $400.00 USD for the Listening Intensive. However, contribute what you are able. We practice “Right-Sized-Pricing and if $400.00 USD isn’t comfortable or affordable for you, please contact Karyn and/or Katie directly to discuss a rate (even if it’s nothing). No potential community member will be turned away based on inability to pay full price. We are serious!!!

All members of the K2C2 Intensive will become part of the broader K2C2 Community, including an invitation to join the K2C2 LinkedIn group and more.

We look forward to having you join us for this first K2C2 Listening Intensive!

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