Want to know an easy way to get people to care? Clean up! Yes, that’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing earth shattering. Just some simple cleaning. And, once things are clean and tidy, put a plan in place to check to make sure they stay that way. Then follow the plan and actually check! Simple fact is, putting the time and effort into making sure your team has a clean environment to work in on an ongoing basis, shows that leadership cares. Cares about employee safety, cares about making it easy for team members to find the things they need to do their work, and cares about making potential problems easily visible. And when team members see that leadership cares about these things, they’ll care too. So, leaders, today, as you’re walking around, take and look and see what you can see: clutter, disorganization and mess? Then get started cleaning it up! If you want your team members to care, it needs to start with you!

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