A while ago I was at a workshop where the question was asked “What’s your dream job?” Throughout the workshop, participant’s answers were read out loud: “I’d run a school for people with different types of learning abilities”, “I’d have a mobile soup kitchen”, “I’d find a way to rescue mistreated dogs”…and many others. You could hear the passion in people’s voices as they explained why those were their dream jobs. Unfortunately, however, (other than myself), none of the people in the workshop actually had their dream job…were pursuing their passion! And that made me very sad. Sad because it meant that they were separating their ‘work life’ from who they really were…and even sadder because it meant that the world was missing the passion, help and improvement they would provide by doing that work. People often tell me that they don’t know what their purpose is, and that they can’t ‘find their passion’. If you’re not sure, simply ask yourself the question “What’s my dream job?” And if it’s not what you’re doing now, start creating a plan to get yourself there. That way you will ‘bring your whole self’ to work – and to the world – every day! (Thanks to my friend Sam Selay for inspiring this post!)

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