What does that have to do with lean, you ask? A lot! As adults, we spend more time at work than we do anywhere else. If our work environments are fearful, contentious, and stressful, the rest of our lives and how we deal with others in our families and wider community is bound to be negatively affected. Imagine how wonderful it would be if instead, we worked in environments that promoted compassion, caring, cooperation and collaboration – peace! We’d certainly be more likely to come home, hug our spouses and kids and work collectively for positive change in our communities. So, if we want a more peaceful world, changing our work environment is a great place to start. Toyota Way/lean focuses on improving the entire system to bring people together to promote service to others. And coaching people to become creative problem solvers gives them the ability to think through complicated, difficult situations and make careful, considered decisions incorporating diverse perspectives. Both at work and at home! Every single one of us can find peaceful ways to work and coexist. What is your organization doing to create a peaceful work environment and a peaceful world? Peaceful wishes for the whole world today.

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