How often do you say, “I can’t”? Think it’s not often? Think again. Even if you don’t say the words “I can’t”, it’s easily disguised in many phrases: “It’s impossible”, “We’ve always done it this way”, “I’m too busy to give the new way a try,” or “Our system’s not set up for that”. And “I can’t” isn’t only disguised in different phrases. It’s disguised in actions too: procrastinating, deciding to do or focus on other things, missed or cancelled meetings to name just a few. We say “I can’t” in so many different ways, that we don’t even recognize when we – or others – are saying it. Problem with this is that what I call the “long-list of I can’ts” prevents us from satisfying our customers. And from reaching our work and personal goals and fulfilling our purpose. So, here’s my challenge for you as we start this week: Focus on recognizing the ‘hidden’ “I can’ts” that sabotage each and every one of us! Make a long list of phrases and actions that really mean “I can’t” and then be aware of when you – and others – say  – or do – them. Point them out to people and ask them, instead, to substitute, “How CAN we?’ Let’s figure out how!” Soon, that will become your habit instead!





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