As a consultant, I often run into people who think that I can give them the answer to their organization’s problems by telling them what has worked in other organizations. Or, that they can find the answer by going to see what tools and strategies another organization is using so that they can simply and easily ‘import’ them into their organization. Unfortunately, most people who try this find that it doesn’t have the intended effect. Somehow the ‘solution’ just doesn’t work in their organization…with their customers…and with their people. They’re surprised. But I’m not. And the reason I’m not, is that copying (simply taking something lock, stock and barrel from somewhere else) isn’t satisfying for people like creating is! Think about it! When we figure out how to solve a problem, and do things in new ways to delight the customers we serve, it’s fun, exciting and totally engaging! And best of all, when we create something – a new process or a way to record our observations for example – it’s ‘ours’! We’ve made it, we totally understand it, and we’ll be dedicated to using it! So, next time there’s a problem to solve, don’t think about what you can do to find a solution to copy, think about how you can create the unique solution your organization needs!

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