Did you know that you can help people reclaim their creativity? Even if you don’t think that you are very creative, yourself! You can! And it’s easier than you think! You don’t need long trainings, workshops, fancy templates or anything like that. All you’ll need to do is ask people questions, instead of telling them answers! This helps people become more creative, because asking questions asks them to think for themselves; to think back on experiences they’ve had and how they can use what they’ve learned in those experiences to figure out what to do now. And that’s what creativity is all about. Taking knowledge that we’ve gained from previous experiences and combining it in different ways to ‘make something new’. As human beings, we’re all innately creative. Even if we think we aren’t. And we can all help others reclaim their creativity, simply by asking them more questions. So, next time someone asks you to ‘tell them what to do’, stop, and instead, ask them to give you some ideas about what they could do. Then, not only will you help them solve the problem, you’ll help them become more creative as well!

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