As many of you who know me have heard me say quite often, “Learning = Uncomfortable”. As human beings, we expend a great deal of effort and energy trying to be happy and content at all times! Comfortable. Problem is, when we’re comfortable, then we’re satisfied with the status quo, and when we’re satisfied with the status quo, we’re not learning. The thought of forcing ourselves to be uncomfortable, even though we know that’s what learning, growth and development feels like, is…well…simply uncomfortable. Interestingly, though, just like anything else, the more often – and longer – you stay in the ‘uncomfortable’ zone, while you’re learning, the easier it becomes. And, after a while, just like many other things we get used to, the feeling of being uncomfortable while we’re learning will becomes a habit. And once it does, instead of avoiding the discomfort, we’ll be able to embrace it instead!

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