One of the things I’ve noticed is that many people aren’t confident in their own ideas. They’re much more comfortable citing the work of others, or relying on what they’ve read in books. To me, this is very worrisome because as human beings, no matter who we are, we’re all innately creative. This means we all have the ability to have great ideas…ideas of how to do things differently, solve problems in our work processes, in our families, communities and the world. Our own experiences, make us ‘experts’ in many aspects of work and life! Like all things, getting – and sharing – our ideas is a habit. And like all habits, if we don’t practice them – perhaps because we’ve had some negative feedback previously, or because we think that since we aren’t ‘experts’ our ideas aren’t good enough, then we get out of the habit. And that’s really a shame, because unless we turn our ideas into reality, we can’t solve all the problems that need solving. So, next time you have an idea, but are worried about sharing it, don’t be! The world needs your ideas, and your creativity…so, go ahead and have the courage to create!

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