For some reason, human beings LOVE batching stuff! We’re so used to batching, that we don’t even notice we’re doing it. And batching doesn’t apply just to how we do our work. It applies to many other things that we unconsciously ‘save up’ to do later, as well. Recognition – noting and being thankful for – the efforts of others, is something we often batch. Not sure what I mean? Then think back to the last time you noticed what a great job one of your team members was doing…maybe bringing up issues at your team huddle… Did you thank them right away? As soon as you noticed? Or did you head back to your desk and make a note to add it to their next review? What about a team member taking great care of a customer on the phone? Did you compliment them right away? Or did you think to yourself, “A few more calls like that and I’ll submit their name for our quarterly recognition program?” If you did the latter in either case, you were batching recognition! Problem with this kind of batching – like others! – is that it causes a lot of waiting. And who wants to wait to be thanked for a job well done. So, next time you think about what a great job someone is doing – don’t batch your recognition and make them wait to hear how you feel! Just tell them – single piece flow – right then and there!

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