Yesterday, my Fresh Start was about one of the less obvious benefits of coaching – that it models the behaviors – and practices – of coaching! One of the most important ‘behaviors and practices’ we can model in our coaching – and also often one of the less obvious – is kindness. Good coaching requires frequently ‘checking’ on the person being coached. Although we often talk about the need for ‘checking’ to make sure that the person being coached is ‘doing’ things differently, and completing their coaching assignments, we don’t often talk about the fact that the people we are coaching need our kindness and compassion while they struggle in the uncomfortable learning zone, as well. Learning and doing things differently is hard. And no one wants to – or should have to – struggle alone. Frequently ‘checking’ on someone, because you genuinely care about their struggle models the behavior – and practice – of kindness and compassion. And that’s important because, just like coaching, kindness is contagious too!

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