Coaching has many benefits. It helps move people out of their comfort zone and into the uncomfortable learning zone. Once they’re there, coaching helps make sure that learners are practicing ‘correctly’ and, that the person learning is supported while they’re gaining the confidence that only comes from ‘doing’. Another, sometimes less obvious benefit, is that while a person is being coached – even if they aren’t conscious of it – they’re learning how to be a coach, as well. I often have learners excitedly tell me that they’ve suddenly realized, as they are working with one their team members, or even with a family or community member, that they’re coaching them! Challenging them, and then supporting them, so that they can learn – not only the skills that everyone needs to solve problems – but the model they’ll use to coach others! So, next time you’re coaching someone, remember, you’re not only teaching, you’re role modeling because coaching is contagious!

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