A little while ago, I wrote a Fresh Start about knowing your purpose. Bob Wallner had a great question about the post: “Do you recommend a ‘personal’ and a ‘professional’ purpose or boiling it down to one?” I’ve been thinking about this ever since. And the reason is that lately I’ve noticed a lot of people making distinctions about “who they are” depending on “where they are”. For instance, someone who’s quite creative at home doesn’t feel comfortable expressing their creativity at work. Or, someone who’s confident in expressing their opinion outside of work is reluctant to do so in the office. Sadly, the structure and hierarchy created by job titles and job grades, can sometimes make people feel constrained in what they say and do. And that’s a shame, because, no matter where we work, or what the structure, we’re people – each with a unique perspective, and unique purpose to fulfill – independent of our job title or grade. So, whether you are a work, or at home, don’t be afraid to be who you are! As a wise manager once reminded me, “When you’re standing in line at the supermarket, do you even think about the job grade or title of the other people in line?”

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