I’m not sure why, but it seems to me that we often think that if something is very complicated, it’s going to be better! Maybe it’s because, as human beings, we tend to think that ‘more’ is better, or that as the world gets more complex and complicated, we’ve just become used to it. One of the things I work with clients often on is finding easy, simple, cost-effective and uncomplicated ways to do things. If we can make work visible with stickers on file folders in a filing cabinet, do we need a complicated computer tracking system? If we can hang up a flip-chart paper on the wall where everyone can see it and write on it with markers, do we really need to create more spreadsheets? The more we complicate things, the harder it is for us to communicate clearly, maintain the system and sustain it. So, next time you and your team are thinking about a solution to a problem, ask yourself “Is there a less complicated way to do this?” Challenge yourself to be creative, to find the easiest, least complex and complicated way and then give it a try!

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