As coaches, one of the most important things we need to remember is that the people we are coaching are human beings – and we are too! As we all know from personal experience, change can be hard and scary and makes people uncomfortable – no matter what job title or grade they have. And when people are uncomfortable, they tend to act in one of two ways – fight or flight! Since, as coaches, we’re human beings too, it’s easy to feel personally slighted if this happens, which can cause us to shy away from the person we’re coaching. So, next time someone you are coaching reacts in a grumpy way (fight), or tries to avoid your coaching (flight), don’t take it personally, especially if it is out of character with the way the person normally acts! Realize that it’s likely that they are now in the uncomfortable learning zone and what they really need is to ‘borrow your courage’. Find ways to spend extra time with them, and give them extra support. As well as helping them learn by doing, It’s the kind, compassionate, and human thing to do!

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