Last Thursday I was in the Atlanta airport looking for breakfast. I’d had early morning client meetings and hadn’t even had time for coffee before taking the train to the airport to catch my flight. I was tired and hungry, and the vegan options looked few and far between. That is, until, Karma, the manager of Fly Burger restaurant, stepped out into the corridor and asked if there was something she could do to help. When I explained my dilemma, she said, “Don’t worry. We can cut up fruit for you. And it’s no trouble for us to fill the oatmeal you have with you with hot water. Would you like us to look for some nuts and raisins to put in as well?” Instead of thinking of all the reasons she couldn’t help me – Fly Burger certainly isn’t a vegan restaurant! – Karma quickly figured out what she could do – in the most kind, caring, personal and human way, and, in my opinion, that’s what service excellence is all about!

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