One of the liveliest discussions I was involved in this week was about setting goals such as ‘0 defects’ or ‘100% satisfaction’. One point of view is that aggressive goals are demotivating for those doing the work, especially if perfection seems a long way off.  In my view, when we think this way, we create two problems: first, we forget that all customers expect what they want, when they want it right the first time! Not just 75% or 80%. In their eyes, 100% really isn’t an option. Second, since people tend to rise to our level of expectation, setting a lower goal gives them the message that we don’t respect them enough to ‘expect’ that they ‘can’ find ways to strive towards and reach the goal…no matter how challenging! I believe that setting challenging customer-focused goals is the best way to show our teams we respect their creativity, capability and humanity!


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  1. Deanetta Weaver

    I agree everyone should get their goals high however using numbers, 100%, is confusing and impossible to maintain. It leaves no room for growth, we’re perfect.

    • karynross

      Hi Dee,
      Think about it from the customer’s point of view…even if your service provider is at 99% accuracy, does the customer in the 1% who receive a defect feel happy and satisfied? And in ‘struggling’ to achieve and maintain 100%, don’t we find creative solutions and stretch and grow?

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