One of the things that I’ve noticed (perhaps you have too) is that at the beginning of a new improvement project or initiative, there’s a lot of enthusiasm and activity. It’s exciting and fun! After a few months, though, things slow down and people lose interest, especially if progress isn’t as quick and easy as expected. As a coach, it’s important to remember that this is normal. When something is new, it’s exciting and fun! After a while, though, it just becomes, well, ‘work’. This happens in all areas of our lives! So, as a coach, I prepare people when I begin working with them that after a few months we’re going to get to a point that I call ‘the slog’. Then, when I start to see telltale signs of lost momentum – missed meetings, or visual management not updated – I point this out to the team. Then I spend extra time helping them maintain the discipline and effort needed so that they can continue working and simply ‘slog through’.

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