Often, when I ask what a person’s definition of being ‘respected’ at work is they say: “When my boss leaves me alone to do my work. After all, I’m an adult, and they should trust me.” Managers say a version of the same thing, “I’m not a micromanager, I hire great people and let them get on with their work.” Problem with this definition of ‘respect’ is that although people do their best to ‘do their best’, the world is a complex, complicated and ever-changing place. If we don’t ‘check’ frequently, we run the risk of allowing them to struggle with cumbersome processes and problems they can’t solve on their own. And, in my books, that is not respectful at all! As a very astute supervisor I had once said, “What we value is what we spend our time on.” So, if you really value your people and want to ‘respect’ them, ‘check’ on them often! They need your help, support and guidance so that they – and your customers – can be successful!

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