I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “That’s crazy! Doesn’t she mean to say that it’s unfortunate that no plan is ever perfect?” Nope. I think it’s fortunate and here’s why. When we make a plan, we’re dealing in theory. And no matter how many smart people we get together and how many angles we consider, conditions within us and the world change often and quickly. So, until we turn our theory into practice, there’s no way to know exactly what will happen and every possible outcome that could occur! And that’s where the ‘fortunate’ part comes in. Because, since no plan is ever perfect, we get the wonderful opportunity to use – and practice – our creativity! First, in figuring out how to close the gaps that inevitably occur in every plan, no matter how perfect we think it is. And second, in using what we learn from putting the plan in place, the experience of turning imagination into reality, to change, add to, and improve on our original idea! So, keep planning. But don’t get stuck – or stopped – because you think your plan’s not perfect. And don’t get discouraged when things inevitably don’t work out as you planned. Because, fortunately, for you and your creativity, no plan is every perfect!

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