Giving customers choices is good, right? Isn’t that what they want? Giving customers choices can be good, but often the choices we give them are of what I call the ‘either/or’ variety…either they can have ‘this’ – let’s say the quality they want…or…they can have ‘that’ – the price that they want…but not both. I’ve been in many meetings where executives have said…”Well, our service is of great quality, but it’s definitely not the cheapest, so we’ll have to find different ways to convince customers of our value.” When I suggest finding ways to lower the price so that customers can have both ‘this’ and ‘that’, I’m usually told it’s impossible. But is it really? What if we replaced ‘either/or’ thinking with ‘and’ thinking. Then our customers could have both. And isn’t that what they really want?

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