What creativity is…and isn’t…Do you think that you’re creative? If you were in a seminar and participants were asked to raise their hands if they thought they were creative, would you raise yours? Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that when I ask people that question, most look away, or at their feet, or pretend they just didn’t hear me. And that’s really a shame, because we are all creative! I guarantee it. And why do I say that? Because my definition of creativity isn’t lightning bolts of inspiration that come down from the sky. My definition of creativity is combining previous knowledge and/or experiences in new ways to generate ideas about how to do things differently. And this applies to all of us. If we don’t understand what creativity really is, we won’t believe that we are creative. And if we don’t believe we are creative, how can we create the services our customers want now and for the future? If you’d like to learn more, watch the recording of my webinar, How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence here!

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