The difficult is what takes a little time…the impossible just takes a little longer… This quote, from Fridtjof Nanson, a Norwegian explorer, is one of my favorites. And the reason that it’s one of my favorites is that it reminds us that nothing is really impossible. There is always a way to figure something out. It might take a while, and we might have to struggle to overcome obstacles, but, there’s actually always a way. In my experience, the biggest obstacles that prevent us from figuring things out are in our minds: they’re all the reasons we tell ourselves that ‘we can’t’ do things. Ridding yourself of what I call ‘I can’t’ thinking, is probably the single most important part of figuring out HOW to do anything you haven’t done before. Or to create and deliver the service experiences your customers want. I’ll be talking more about this today, in my webinar How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence, hosted by Mark Graban and KaiNexus. Click here to register or you can watch the recording later.

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