Do you and your team have a hard time getting started? Maybe it’s because you’re stuck trying to figure out which is the ‘perfect’ problem to tackle, the ‘perfect’ countermeasure to try first, or any of the other myriad things we think need to be ‘perfect’ before we start? It’s something that I see quite often. Fortunately, (and yes, that’s right, I said ‘fortunately’ not ‘unfortunately’) nothing’s ever perfect! Reality is, the current condition is always just that – the imperfect current condition – with all kinds of positives and negatives, pros and cons. Once we realize this – and that needing things to be perfect before getting started – is only an ‘assumption’ that we, as human beings make, it can take a lot of the pressure off us. It also gives us the freedom to simply pick ‘one thing’, and get started…there’s nothing stopping us! So, as I said before, “Fortunately, nothing’s ever perfect”.

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