Lots of buzz lately about ‘holding people accountable’… What does it mean? Why does it seem so difficult to do? Why are we talking about this anyways? We work with adults…shouldn’t we just be able to tell them what to do and assume they’ll do it? Problem is, making the statement, ‘holding people accountable’ only focuses us on the ‘ends’ or the outcome of what people are tasked with to do. Using that verbiage doesn’t take into account that there are many factors impeding people’s ability to accomplish a task, even with the best intentions…and in my experience, most people have best intentions. Focusing on the ‘means’ – helping people as they do their work – in my experience, is a better practice, and the way to ensure that our customers are satisfied, and our team members continually learn and grow.

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  1. Glenn Edwards

    I believe there is a lot of truth to your post. The difference between managers and great managers is what means they employ to accomplish the work. I have witness both ends of the continuum – that is really bad slash and burn management and really good build and bridge management. I agree with you that in my experience, when I make sure my staff are successful, I become successful. Thank you for sharing.

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