Excited as always to be on the Gemba Academy Podcast! This time – my sixth! – I’m chatting with Ron Pereira about…Kindness! Why kindness when this is a ‘lean’ podcast? Take a listen and find out!

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The quote that inspires Karyn (3:01)
  • What kindness has to do with lean (4:34)
  • How to be kind when it’s difficult (7:30)
  • How Karyn makes time for everything (11:40)
  • The relationship between kindness and psychological safety (15:59)
  • Ron’s personal anecdote about kindness (18:57)
  • How our hectic schedules affect our ability to be kind (25:34)
  • Habits as they relate to kindness (28:18)
  • An example (31:20)
  • Karyn’s final words of wisdom/kindness (36:24)

Listen by clicking here!

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