Whatever job we do, problems abound! Things take too long, mistakes occur, customers complain and we don’t reach our goals. Often, our first impulse is to look around and see what solutions others have come up with. When we find something we think might work for us, our next impulse is to copy the solution, lock, stock and barrel. Sounds great, doesn’t it? No time wasted reinventing the wheel, and if it worked for someone else, it should work for us. Unfortunately, though, copying rarely has the effect we think it will. Our company’s culture, computer systems and customers aren’t the same. And, face it, as human beings, if we didn’t create something ourselves, we tend not to like to use it. Worst of all, copying doesn’t help anyone practice their creativity. So, here’s my suggestion. Instead of looking outward at how others are solving problems, look inwards. Look very carefully at what’s causing the problems you see. Look carefully at what your customers specifically need. What your organization’s purpose and goals are. Then, get together and create the solutions that meet your, and your customers’ needs. When you do that, not only will you create your own unique solutions to the problems your company is having, you’ll help people practice – and gain confidence – in their ability create, not just copy!

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