At some point in my career, I was told how important it was, for me, as an employee, to be able to “function well in ambiguity”. Maybe you’ve been told that – or some version of it – too. In our complex, complicated, ever-changing world, where it’s hard to fully see and understand how things work and interconnect, having to deal with some level of ambiguity seems pretty inevitable. Problem is, in general, as human beings, we prefer certainty, not ambiguity. When we’re certain, our brain feels comfortable! Ambiguity, with its inherent uncertainty, makes us uncomfortable. So, how can we help people “function well in ambiguity”? We can make sure that they can clearly see and understand the direction they’re headed in and the vision that they are striving and working towards reaching! Knowing clearly where they – and the organization are headed – gives people the foundation of ‘certainty’ that makes them comfortable and confident that they can navigate through ambiguity!

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