How well do you think you really understand what’s happening, at work and/or at home? Especially if we’ve done something often, we tend to think we’re quite sure about our understanding. I use the word ‘think’, because, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we need to acknowledge that most things are much more complicated and complex than we like to admit. At work, we interact with multiple people: team members and colleagues, customers, suppliers, and many others. All wonderfully complex and complicated human beings with their own thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams and reasons for doing (or not doing) things. And, if that’s not enough, add the interaction with numerous computer systems and processes and the complexity is compounded. Realistically, our world is simply too complicated, complex and changing, for us to really understand most things as deeply as we think we do. And that’s great! Because once we stop ‘thinking’ we know what’s going on, we can start looking, listening, exploring and asking the questions that will lead to real understanding!

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