Seems obvious, that when we work for a company, no matter what job we do, or what level we’re at, we’re all on the same team. Unfortunately, often people don’t act that way. Instead of helping others wherever they might be in the organization, silos compete for resources and/or points fingers at others for problems that occur. Leadership blames those who do the work when results aren’t as expected, and those who do the work hide or bury problems instead of bringing them to light. Problem is, all these behaviors make for unpleasant and stressful workplaces. And, even more importantly, they cause the organization to lose focus on the very people they should be paying the most attention to! Their customers! When you get right down to it, organizations, whether manufacturing or service, exist for one purpose, and one purpose only. And that is to serve their customers. So, no matter what job or role you have, or where you sit in the organizational hierarchy, please remember, you’re on the same team, the most important team…the customer’s team!

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