Sometimes I hear leaders say, “I’m a big picture person…I don’t need to get involved in the details…I leave that to the people who work for me.” Problem with this type of thinking is that although we wish we could separate the ‘big picture’ – where we’re going – from the ‘details’ – how we get there – it’s not actually possible. Because whatever the end that we’re working towards is, the path we need to create to get there is made up of ever and ever smaller details. And unless we pay attention and manage those details by making deliberate choices and checking frequently to see how we’re progressing, it’s easy to get off track. Just like a puzzle, it’s not possible to ‘see’ the big picture until all the of the pieces – the details – fall into place. It’s a leader’s job to have and communicate vision: what the ‘big picture’ will look like, but it doesn’t stop there. Leaders also need to see and manage the details. Because, as I always say, “How we get there is as important as where we are going!” (And don’t forget to to read – or listen to- Part 2 tomorrow!)


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