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New Year 2018 – Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this simple statement over the past few weeks. As we start out the New Year, I’m going to ask you to think about it too.

Why? For two reasons.

First of all, there’s a lot to ‘get done’ out there. For all of us. Families to take care of, personal and professional dreams to make come true and a huge number of problems that need solving: climate change, hunger, poverty, homelessness and discrimination to name just a few.

Second, every day, as I listen to the people that I’m helping, I’m truly humbled, amazed and proud of what each of them is accomplishing. Whether it’s pushing themselves to connect with the people who work for them more frequently and more personally, creating unique ways to make customers’ lives better, or simply trying things THEY never believed THEY could do, the joy I hear in their voices, and the smiles I see on their faces reminds me that each of us, no matter how ordinary we think we are, do truly extraordinary things on a regular basis!

We really do!

So, as you start 2018, a new year, a symbolic time for new beginnings, I have a request.

Please remember that ordinary people do extraordinary things. Every single day.

Because, in the end, that’s what we really need to move forward, to make a difference and to solve the numerous problems that occur in our lives, our organizations, our families, communities, countries and in the world. It’s easy to think that what we, ourselves, can do in our ordinary lives, on a daily basis, doesn’t matter, but, in truth, it does. Every choice we make to help someone else, to treat people (and animals!) kindly, to say ‘yes’, even if we’re not sure how, makes a huge difference. Both to the people we’re helping and to how we perceive ourselves.

And if you think that what you, an ordinary person, can do isn’t enough, or isn’t important enough, think again. Even if you help one person, for one moment, every day, you’ve made a huge difference. Because in this vast world, there’s simply too much for one person to do alone. Everyone’s effort is valuable and counts.

So, as you begin the new year, please remember, what you do, and who you are, ordinary as it may seem, is extraordinary! And that we don’t need super-heroes or super-powers to save the world and solve its problems. We simply need you.

Wishing you a wonderful, joyous and extraordinary 2018!


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