January 29, 2018 karynross

More Frequent Contact…not Less!

Last week, near the end of a wonderful lean coaching session, the person I was working with said, “It’s so much easier to learn how to do this with someone to help and support me”. I responded with, “I think that’s true about everything.” And I really do. Whether it’s learning how to work in a different way, or trying a new hobby at home, having someone to help support and nurture us is unbelievably important. Much more important than we usually acknowledge, especially in the business world, where it’s common to hear things like, “Hire people you trust and then leave them alone to get their work done”. Problem is, that means people who are learning are often left to struggle alone. And that’s not fun, kind or caring. So, if you’re a coach – or a leader – and you see that someone is struggling, my suggestion is to increase the frequency of contact you have with them and the help you give them. As I always, say, “We’re put here on earth to help each other. It’s why there are seven billion of us. If we were meant to do everything on our own, there would just be one!”

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