November 23, 2017 karynross

It’s as Simple as Saying Thank You!

A number of years ago I worked as a customer service rep. I talked to clients every couple of weeks to process payroll for their companies. I was always shocked and surprised when people said that I was the only nice person they’d spoken to in two weeks! Yesterday, I was reminded of that experience when we stopped at a fast-casual restaurant to pick up lunch on the road to visit my family for Thanksgiving. The restaurant was packed, customers in line were restless and grumpy and the restaurant was visibly understaffed. I could see how harried and stressed the person preparing the sandwiches and salads at the end of the line was. As she handed me my take-out bag, I smiled and said, “Thank you for making my lunch. I’m on a long trip and I really appreciate it!” Then I gave her one of my ‘Love and Kindness’ buttons.

That’s when the best thing happened! She stopped, smiled, pinned the button onto her apron and said, “I was having a terrible day before and now I’m not!”

Moral of the story is: Sometimes we think that giving thanks requires something big or that it’s difficult and requires a lot of effort on our part. Or that we need a special day for it. But it’s not difficult and we can all do it on a regular basis. All you need to do is smile, look someone in the eye and say ‘thank you’ and how much you appreciate their efforts! It works if you’re a leader or manager, a customer, and with family and friends. And best of all? It’s free, easy and something we all can do to make a huge difference in the world every single day.

(And to all those who serve customers every day! Thank you for your efforts! Thank you for for your kindness and caring! Much much much appreciated!)

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  1. I love your story and the moral lesson of it. Its true, but unfortunately, it considered a CHANGE inside the companies culture which creates RISISTENACE!!
    I used to do that and still, as I believe work is a part of our life and its totally wrong when it said that “you need to leave your personal life outside the front door when you come to work!!
    “Thank you” and appreciation when someone does a good work, and a nice apologies when you do something to someone as a mistake is really the most important action you can simply implement for improvement.

    • karynross

      Hi Ayad,
      Keep thanking people – and apologizing – it makes a better world now for the people you thank and apologize too – and it shows other people how to act! That will change culture over time! Thank you for bravery in bringing your whole self to work!
      All the best!

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