July 20, 2018 karynross

‘I’m working on it’ is different than ‘I’m trying’!

Here’s my reflection for the week: ‘Working on it’ is different than ‘trying’. ‘Working on it’ means you know what the target is. ‘Working on it’ means you’ve broken down what needs to be done into smaller pieces and planned when to do them! ‘Working on it’ means deliberately doing a bit to get closer to the target each day! ‘Working on it’ means being conscious that even if something doesn’t turn out as expected, it’s okay, because we can learn from that too. We can accomplish anything (yes, anything) by ‘working on it’. Think back to your week this week. How many times did you say, “I’m trying”? What would have been different if you said, instead, “I’m working on it”?

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